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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

If you're involved with print-on-demand technology you already realize the power and benefit of owning a POD business. Sure there are some cons, but the pros heavily outweigh them. If you're not familiar with print-on-demand I'll give you a quick rundown.

Traditionally, if you wanted to run your own tee shirt shop, you had to buy the inventory, rent the building to sell out of, hold stock (in all colors and sizes) and deal one-on-one with your customers. A heavy investment with a heavy risk. Even if you got everything right - You chose the right niche, you chose the right designs, you marketed to the right audience - You're only making your investment back one shirt, one sale at a time. That's a long road to profit.

That's the traditional way.

With print-on-demand technology, the upfront investment is near zero. The short of it - A customer comes to your website, checks out your designs, purchases a shirt. The order is then sent to a print-on-demand provider like Printful for example. Printful then prints the order, packs it, and ships it to the customer. You hold no stock, you have no building, you don't print, pack or ship it... You don't even touch it. Heck, or even see it. The print-on-demand company will set a base price, say $10 dollars. You then set your price on your website for, say $20 dollars. When someone purchases that shirt, you've just made $10. (You have to be aware of things like tax and shipping however and factor that into your price)

So that's the gist of how print-on-demand works. But if you want to know what Storeblazer is and the beauty of what Storeblazer does, you're in the right place. So what is Storeblazer? Well, it's the secret weapon that only the big dogs have been able to utilize up until now - Storeblazer allows you to take advantage of personalized customization. You can now allow your customers to indulge one of the most powerful impulses in the shopping experience, the ability for a customer to personalize their product. Whether it's a father's day shirt that you want to put your dad's name on, a birthday shirt for someone turning 40, a church member putting their favorite scripture on a mug, the possibilities are truly endless. Check out a demo below on how to set up an item in the backend of Storeblazer -

So you see how easy it is to create a customizable product in Storeblazer and it should be turning your wheels regarding how powerful an application like this is. The ability to allow your customers to personalize a shirt, or mug, or even a canvas is truly incredible and it will be for your company's bottom line as well.

Just think of the possibilities:

You could run a personalized gift store selling items for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations & so much more.

A church could provide it's members the ability to make their favorite scripture tee shirt, mug or canvas.

A school could allow parents to customize shirts for their children's activities.

The possibilities are really endless, and with the bonus guides to help you with traffic, it makes purchasing Storeblazer an absolute no brainer. For a review of the software and to check out our exclusive bonuses check out the video below. If you found this Storeblazer review helpful, a sub to our site or Youtube account is always appreciated.

To check out Storeblazer click here

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